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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I receive over the air programming?
A: For most people it is as simple as connecting an antenna to the back of the TV.  If you have an older TV you may need a converter box which receives the new digital signals being broadcast.

Do I have to give up cable?
A:  No, you don’t have to give up cable.  Many televisions have the ability to work with cable and over the air television.

Do I need a big antenna on my house like the old days?
A:  No, you do not need a big antenna to receive over the air broadcasts.  As technology has advanced over the years, effective smaller antennas have become available on the market.

Is the picture good?
A:  YES!  We broadcast  clear Digital quality.

Do I have to constantly adjust the antenna?
A:  No, you do not have to constantly adjust the antenna. Most of the main channels you can tune in are being broadcast from the same transmitting location.

Can you help me get set up for over the air TV?
A:  Yes, channel 23.5 is dedicated to providing you tools and information for an easy set-up.

Who watches over the air programming?

A:  Millions of people watch over the air programming.  With the introduction of digital broadcasting the number of channels available to watch has gone up.  It also allows multiple channels to be broadcast by each station.  This means more specific programming choices and more diverse programs to choose from.  Many people are also switching to over the air programming because it is more family friendly and saves money every month!

Is over the air really free?
A:  Yes.  Over the air programming is absolutely free.  All of the programs you can receive over the air are easily accessed and open to the public.  With most TV stations their programming is paid for by the commercials they air.  The only cost you might have upfront is buying or installing an antenna.

How many channels will I get at my house?
A:  Depending on your location and antenna strength, you should be able to receive all available broadcast channels.

If I live in an HOA (Home Owners Association) will I be allowed to put an antenna on my house?
A:  Yes you have the right to put an antenna on your house no matter where you live.  Your HOA might not like it, but the FCC protects your right to receive over the air programming.

What should I do with the money I save by going to over the air television?
A:  Many of the people who make the switch will save at least $100 a month or over $1,200 a year!  A popular response to this question is that they will start a vacation fund, do upgrades around the house, or buy that new TV they have been looking at.  Some people also plan to support nonprofit organizations like GRACEtv with the money…

Can I record over the air Television?

A:  This feature is available for any TV as an add on.  It is not usually built into the TV itself.  It can be found by searching the internet for an “over the air DVR”.  There are also inexpensive add accessories for your computer that allow it to record and playback over the air programming to your TV.

Is there a program guide with over the air TV?
A:  This will depend on your specific equipment.  The program information (guide) is always broadcasting automatically with the signal.  Many converters and DVR’s will have this feature standard.  If you are buying equipment you may want to look for this before buying.

What is the average cost for setting up my TV for over the air broadcasts?
A:  If you already have an antenna to use and a TV that receives a digital signal you won’t have any cost.  If you need to buy a digital signal converter box they start around $30 and go up to around $80 for a really nice one.  The antenna can cost anywhere from $10 up to $250.

Why Should I switch to over the air TV?
A:  The most popular reasons to switch to over the air TV are: to save money, better picture quality and more family friendly programs that aren’t available on cable or satellite.

Can I find out if I like over the air TV before canceling cable or satellite?
A:  Sure you can try it before making the switch.  Connect your TV to an antenna and try it out.  If you need to buy equipment (like a converter box) make sure the company you buy it from will take it back if you are unhappy.  If you are not getting the desired results ask for help before giving up!

Will a parental lock work for programs I don’t want my kids to watch?

A:  Yes parental controls are standard.  All of the programming will have government standardized ratings included in the signal being broadcast.  Your TV or converter will have the settings to block unwanted ratings.

If I don’t have an antenna now, how do I find out which kind I will need?
A:  Please go to and put in your address.  It will tell you how far away from the broadcasting point you are.  This will tell you what sensitivity antenna to buy for the best results.

Can more than one TV run off of one antenna?
A:  Yes more than one TV can run off of one antenna.  However the more TV’s using the same antenna means you may need a signal amplifier or a larger antenna.  Each TV uses some energy captured by the antenna.

Are there programs broadcast on over the air television that are not available on cable?
A:  Yes there are programs available to you over the air that are not always available by cable or satellite.   There is also local and community programming that is missed by these large cable companies.  You will find new channels and programs you didn’t know existed.

Are there movies broadcast on over the air Television?
A:  Yes,  Many of the TV stations in your area are broadcasting movies and alternative programming on their sub channels.  This is a feature of over the air that cable and satellite services cannot provide.

Can I use my computer to receive over the air programs?
A:  Yes there are now USB plug ins that add a digital tuner to the functionality of your computer.  These are affordable ways to add features and TV’s to your house.  You can ask any good computer store about these.  You can also buy these accessories for your iPad!